MTTRF - IAM-CNC Annual Meeting 2018


Dates and Location

July 1st (Sun) - July 3rd (Tue), 2018

InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel
1 Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA, USA





Schedule of Events



July 1st (Sun)

18:00- 18:30   Early Registration

18:30- 20:00   Welcome Dinner

July 2nd (Mon)

MTTRF Annual Meeting 2018

07:00- 08:30   Registration

08:30- 10:00   Session1

10:30- 12:00   Session2

12:00- 13:30   Lunch

13:30- 15:00   Session3

15:30- 17:00   Session4

18:30- 20:30   Dinner Banquet

July 3rd (Tue)

MTTRF Annual Meeting 2018

08:30- 10:30   Session1

iAM-CNC Annual Meeting 2018

11:00- 12:00   Session1

12:00- 13:30   Lunch

13:30- 14:50   Session2

15:20- 16:40   Session3

17:30- 20:00   Farewell Dinner



MTTRF Presentation Topics


  • Fabrication of Injection Mold Components on a Multi-axis Machining Centre with Integrated Laser Hardening, Prof. Lauwers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • 1. Tool-Chip Interface Temperature Measurement, 2. Material Removal Mechanism of Ceramics in Ultra-precision Machining, and Metal Cutting Training & Outreach, Prof. Pfefferkorn, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • 1. Cutting Force and Finish Surface Simulation of End-Milling Operation under Consideration of Static Tool Deflection by Using Voxel Model, 2. Virtual milling force monitoring method based on in-process milling force prediction model to eliminate predetermination of cutting coefficients, Prof. Shirase, Kobe University
  • Performance of CAD/CAM post processor on S-shaped Machining Test for 5-axis machining center, Prof. Ihara, Osaka Institute of Technology
  • Spatial Frequency Analysis of Chatter Marks, Prof. Campatelii, University of Firenze
  • 1. Turning of Difficult-to-Machine Materials with High Pressure Coolant, 2. Cutting Characteristics of VN-Coated Tool Having High-Temperature Lubricity, Prof. Hosokawa, Kanazawa University
  • Application of Iterative Learning and Adaptive Control to Feed Drive, Prof. Uchiyama, Toyohashi University of Technology
  • Dynamic Powder Feeder System Design for the Directed Energy Deposition Process, Prof. Soshi, University of California Davis
  • Determination of Friction Coefficients Using an Inverse Pin-on-disc-test Setup Implemented on a Machining Center, Prof. Bleicher, Vienna University of Technology
  • 1. The Use of MTTRF Equipment for Teaching and Research at University College Dublin, 2. Tool Wear Modes and Progression in Milling of Medical Grade Cobalt Chromium Alloy, Prof. Byrne, University College Dublin
  • 1. Generation Milling of Internal Helical Gears 2. Force Modeling for Hybrid Manufacturing 3. Optical Sensor for Use in the R-Test, Prof. Goch, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Learning Efficient Modelling and Compensation for Thermal Behavior of Machine Tools, Prof. Wegener, ETH Zurich