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3-ETH_machineIMG_0033ed.jpgThe MTTRF Equipment Loan Award is an award given to eligible and dedicated professors and universities.

MTTRF provides the young generation of excellent engineers the opportunity to experience the newest technology, to encourage the development of meaningful and innovative ideas that will drive the machine tool industry forward.

With this in the heart of the award, information regarding the use of the loaned equipment during the period is requested. 


For any techincal issues or service requests regarding your Equipment Loan, please contact:

Dr. Kazuo Yamazaki
Machine Tool Technology Research Foundation


The foundation accepts loan award applications throughout the year.

Those interested in applying for the loan, must register with this site to obtain access to the Equipment Loan Award Forms. After registration, the request form will be available on the Members page. Electronically submit the Request Form to the foundation with the letter of agreement on signing the loan agreement.

Submissions can be sent to:

The equipment loan request will be evaluated by the foundation, and the loan will be awarded on the basis of the availability of the equipment, as well as the appropriateness of the proposal.

The applicants or authorized person(s) who should represent the risk management, are obliged to sign the agreement without any negotiation when the loan is awarded.

Please read this agreement carefully to ensure that the loan agreement can be signed without any modification by the applicants, or the responsible person in your organization, prior to sending the application.

The letter of agreement on signing the loan agreement, which should accompany the Request Form, should clearly state that the responsible person of your organization can sign the loan agreement without any negotiation or modification when the loan is awarded.